What is overrwrapping? What is the fundamental difference in between pouch packing or overwrapping? Pouch packing is the 1 exactly where solution is sealed inside the pouch and it is seal evidence whereas in overwrapping is the place the carton is just wrapped with a skinny plastic layer, this layer is not trapped to the carton. This wrapping does not have a sealing fin, this is not accomplished for only items but this is usually done on cartons. This packing is a price addition which presents confirmation to the customer that this solution is not tampered or employed by anyone. Plastic layer is quite slender and you can not even discover it from a distance. Carton will stay in the showcase with this packing which has plain envelope type folding.

What is Semi-automated Overwrapping Machine?
automatic overwrapping machine Semi Overwrapping Machine as the identify indicates is an best, functional and really helpful machine for wrapping & packing of sq., rectangular shaped smaller cartons. This equipment is also acknowledged as semi-computerized carton overwrapping machine, essence carton overwrapping machine, beauty wrapping machine, fragrance overwrapping machine or perfume overwrapping equipment and can be utilised for packaging products these kinds of as:

Tobacco sector
It is largely utilized in cosmetics, fragrance, pharma and cigarette industries.

Salient Attributes of Overwrapping Machine-Semi Automatic Model
Little, easy to use, helps make the job of packaging scaled-down quantity specifically Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical Medicines, Fragrances and Cigarettes easily

It packs up to 200 to three hundred cartons for each hour based on operator’s skill, carton size and packing substance

For qualitative and effective efficiency, auto roll cutting to desired duration of the packing content and auto stopping of roll is presented in this equipment

The roll chopping and sealing carried out in identical station

When you are a commence up or you have several SKU’s but not bulk quantities of every single item you can wrapp your cartons using this machine.

Entirely automated overwrapping devices expense begins from seven lakh and previously mentioned, it calls for trained operator and for every carton needs modify parts

Semi auto machine do not demand any adjust parts, its quite much functional device

No require of purchasing cut-lengths for every SKU and every carton

Wastage of packing substance is very very significantly less, if compare with manual overwrapping device.

Equipment runs on solitary stage and consider really much less room of your working region

In require of a 1 quit shop to simplify your carton overwrapping functions? Check out our most common Semi Overwrapping Equipment’s. We are the only equipment company organization in India for this type of device product (with the features of sealing, packaging, & wrapping products).

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